CMA (Certified Management Accountant)

About CMA Review

CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) certification is a professional credential that is earned in the advanced management accounting and financial management fields. The certification signifies that the person possesses knowledge in the areas of financial planning, financial reporting, analysis, control, decision support, and professional ethics, the skills most in demand on finance teams around the world. The CMA is a U.S.-based, globally recognized certification issued by The Institute of Certified Management Accountants.

For more than 40 years, the CMA® certification has been the global benchmark for management accountants and financial professionals. Why? Because CMAs can explain the “why” behind numbers, not just the “what.” And that can give you greater credibility, higher earning potential, and ultimately a seat at the leadership table


CMA...the extra edge.

What good is having a seat at the table if you don’t have the confidence to speak? Get the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) and you’ll be the most valuable voice in the room. Once you’ve mastered the 12 most critical practice areas in management accounting, you’ll have the one thing leadership wants most: the ability to turn information into insight.

CMA Structure

Requirements to be a CMA


Active membership in the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants).

A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college/university or a related professional certification.

Two continuous years of professional experience in management accounting or financial management, which can be completed after passing the exam.

Passing Parts 1 and 2 of the CMA exam.

When To Take the Exam


The CMA Exams are offered during the following testing windows:

  • January / February
  • May / June
  • September / October

CMA Exam


CMA has 2 Parts

Part 1: Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance, and Control

Part 2: Financial Decision Making

Each Exam is 4 hours, with 100 multiple-choice questions (3 hours) and 2 written response scenarios (1 hour).

CMA: The CMA exam: 2 parts covering 12 competencies

Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics


CMA Part 1

  • 15% - External Financial Reporting Decisions
  • 20% - Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
  • 20% - Performance Management
  • 15% - Cost Management
  • 15% - Internal Controls
  • 15% - Technology and Analytics

Part 2: Strategic Financial Management


CMA Part 2

  • 20% - Financial Statement Analysis
  • 20% - Corporate Finance
  • 25% - Decision Analysis
  • 10% - Risk Management
  • 10% - Investment Decisions
  • 15% - Professional Ethics